REDDY AMISY & LA CASA DO CANTO Title Tambara counter to zero

Reddy Amisi, crooner in 1982, during the summer holidays, as Reddy Amisi Ngoy made ​​its debut in Viva la Musica Koffi Olomide of recommendation. Since then, I'm close. I have even better known between 1985 and 1986 during the tour that I co-organized and led us in Europe and Japan. Him, I retained it is a songwriter, a crooner and success, with 10 albums to his credit. All these have tobacco opus market hard ...

He was member of Viva la Musica of Papa Wemba for 18 years (1982-2000). In 2000, he founded his own band La Casa do Canto, he produced two albums with his group experiencing mixed success (The Star and Straight). Unless the album which was counter to zero timidly card. But it does not give up. Since June 2010, he was back on the market with its new album likelemba, which simply means, "to each in turn" as explained Reddy himself. Decided to come back strong, Reddy Amisi think this time is "the Reddy years." It is his turn to occupy the top of all charts.

He believes that will likelemba cardboard and will go back to the top of glory. Touchos wood! According to the echoes that come back, this album that performs well Reddy Amisi allowed to sign more contracts of production during the summer holidays. Knowing him as a songwriter and excellent singer emeritus who can exploit the issues affecting our society, and with experience gained over the years, we believe that this is possible. And we are there to support and encourage the achievement of this goal. But already, ATL and its General Manager, to link words into action, organized at the hotel Sultani, the press conference to launch the album "likelemba." To listen without moderation. J.-P EALE IKAB (TTL)

Discography: "Zakin" (Album 4 titles) 1987, "Queen Lina" (Album 4 titles) 1990, "Injustice" (Album 7 titles) 1992, "Prudence" (Album 8 titles) 1994: "Ziggy" (Album tracks 9) 1996: "Best of Reddy friends" (Album 10 tracks: Bomengo Atakala, Orphan, That's life, injustice, Miss Okito, Kiganda Lo Eres Mia, Hopelessness, Mbongwana , Terminus) 1997 "Star" (Album 11 tracks) 1998: "End of Exile" (Album 11 tracks) 2000; "counter to zero" (Album 10 tracks) 2003: "Straight" (Album 12 tracks) 2006 , "likelemba" (Album 10 tracks) 2010 Bio-Express Born in Kinshasa, 05.05. 1960 Married, 6 children Songwriter: 115 songs, 10 albums under his belt in 1975: Small singer (Chem-Chem Yetu) 1980: Singer Host (orchestras district) 1982: Started career in Viva la Musica (18 years ) 1985: Several tours in Europe, Japan and with Musica Viva la Papa Wemba 1986: Development in Europe (France) 1994-1995: Several tours with Papa Wemba Molokai International (Japan, USA, Australia and Africa) 2000: Back to country 25.12.2000: Creation of the Casa do Canto 2010: Release of the album "likelemba"


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