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The early 21st century proved to be an exciting time for long-time fans of synth pop masters Soft Cell.
It had been nearly 20 years since original members Marc Almond and Dave Ball went their separate ways, but in 2001, the duo had patched up their differences and were ready to reunite Soft Cell for a new tour.
What was thought of as a temporary re-teaming soon turned into a full time proposition. 2002 saw the duo begin work on a brand new studio album, as well as launching another tour, this time in support of their stellar hits collection "The Very Best Of Soft Cell".
Taped during a sold out stop at the Rolling Stone in Milan, Italy, Almond and Ball cover all the bases, including faithful renditions of such Soft Cell classics as "Tainted Love" and "Say Hello Wave Goodbye". The times have changed, but "Live in Milan" shows that Soft Cell's music remains as vibrant and modern as it was the first time around.


Soft Cell - Tainted Love (Official)