Defao Matumona, better known as the General Defao, now trying to take over from the big names in Congolese song. Always, he has undoubtedly reached a plateau His musical journey is typically Congolese. He started the song in 1976 in small groups, a populous district of Kinshasa. Its models are called at the time, Papa Wemba, Nyoka Longo, Gina Efonge Evoloko and four singers of the group Zaiko seventies. But the one he identifies with most, song rating is Tabu Ley Rochereau. The consecration happens to him, five years later. Defao Grand Zaiko Wawa integrates, guitarist Felix Manuaku. The Kinshasa find then a young singer and elegant, which makes it even better, a good dancer. From 1983 to 1991, the heyday of the group Choc Stars, alongside another singing star Congolese Bozi Boziana. Defao knows that the world is an age of image. He then opts for frequent television appearances. Which helps to establish its popularity. Its growing popularity and charisma to steal the lead while out on his own. For seven years, he has his own band, Big Stars, as set itself a goal of becoming a big star in Africa.

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