Five Star - System Addict (Video)

Five Star - System Addict (Official Video)
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Take a look at me
Wired to a machine
Never would believe it
This can't be happening
Boxes that go beep
Little lights that leap
Tapping on a keyboard
What's happening to me?
And when the electricity starts to flow
The fuse that's on my sanity's got to blow
System addict I never can get enough
System addict never can give it up

Beauty or a beast
Don't know which I see
Still I couldn't leave it
Fascination won't cease
You know it's got the best of me

Sight and sound untangled in complexity all around
System addict I never can get enough
And when it gets to be too much can't go on
I really need the human touch
But I'm too far gone
I'm too far gone
No I can't go on[endtext]

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