Who is General Defao? -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Defao Matumona, better known under the name General Defao, now trying to take over big names of the Congolese song. Always, he has undoubtedly reached a plateau. His musical journey is typically Congolese.

It begins in the song in 1976 in small groups, a populous district of Kinshasa. Its models are called, at that time, Papa Wemba, Nyoka Longo, Gina Efonge Evoloko and four singers of the group Zaiko seventies. But cllui which they identify most-rated song is Tabu Ley Rochereau. The consecration happens to him, five years later. Defao Grand Zaiko Wawa integrates, guitarist Felix Manuaku. Kinois then discovered a young singer and elegant, which does not spoil anything, good dancer.

From 1983 to 1991, he made the heyday of gourp Shock Stars, alongside another singing star Congolese Bozi Boziana. Defao knows that the world is experiencing an era of image. He then opts for frequent television appearances. This contributes to establish its popularity. His growing success and the innate charisma then lead to stealing his own.

For seven years, he has his own band, Big Stars, as set itself a goal of becoming a big star in Africa. Everyone in their area make the effort to succeed, he quips, because failure often leads to jealousy in our country. Congolese musicians are not patient. They want everything right away.

Now close to forty, Defao takes things as they come. He knows that for him, the wheel turns. General Defao was fixed recently, another goal: to lose a bit of his hundred and thirty pounds. He who attaches so much importance to the image wants hers to be perfect. My sport, says he, what are my five hour show. The more I do, I lose more weight. In spite of a strong personality, he can meet his colleagues, and especially its public.

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