P.K Chishala – The Collection (Full Album)


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P.K Chishala – The Collection (Full Album)
01. 00:00 Nakufele
02. 07:58 Umwaume Walutuku
03. 12:09 Church Elder (Pole Pole)
04. 21:37 Minofu Ya Mbowa
05. 28:30 Impumpa Mukowa
06. 35:51 Kubwaiche
07. 43:51 Mutete
08. 48:41 Na Musonda
09. 56:41 Pali Iwe
10. 01:05:17 Umunandi

Bio Peter Kalumba Chishala better known by his stage name P.K. Chishala, was a Zambian musician. He is considered by many, to be one of the greatest musicians of the Kalindula genre. He contributed to the development and popularising the genre. His signature song is "common man", he has also produced several hits i.e "Pole-Pole (church elder)", "Na Musonda" , "Mwaume Walutuku" and so forth.

He was the son of Maxem Chishala and Serah Mutele Kalumba Mwisa. He did his primary education at Mambilima mission school for the blind and later on went to the Western Province at Sefula Secondary School to pursue his Secondary education. In his early years, P.K Chishala struggled with smallpox which later left him blind. He later worked as a social worker at MEF (Mindolo Ecumunical foundation) before his rise on the Zambian musical stage.

P.K. Chishala & the Great Pekachi Band was one of the first wave of kalindula music along with Junior Mulemena Boys, and the Masasu Band. His signature songs include "Common Man" from the fourth album Umwaume walutuku. For the song "Common man",the late P.K Chishala was once observed to be against the then President Kenneth Kaunda. #kalindula #zambianmusic #PKChishala


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