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For the first time in the history of mankind, the best of African music relocates from YouTube to invests in the Parisian 90,000-Seat Stade de France on June 11, 2011.

The event will mobilize and more than 150 artists, musicians and dancers on stage for a single concert. All rhythms and colors of the African musical creativity will be honored and Africa will come together in Paris to celebrate African culture.

At 67, Patience Dabany is the most experienced female artist at the event. Born in 1944 as Marie Joséphine Kama into a family of musicians from the region of Haut-Ogooué, Gabon, Patience Dabany was a wife in 1959 at the age of 15 to Albert-Bernard Bongo. When he became the president of Gabon in 1967, Patience Dabany was the first lady. She became involved in many social projects, including the promotion of women's rights and charities for children.

She was called Madam President for 18 years, before she left her husband to start a career as an artist between Africa and the United States. She has helped a new generation of artists to jumpstart their careers, such as Oliver Ngoma, Aziz inanga and Assélé Angela (her niece), who also became a star in Gabon. Her discography includes "Le disque est rayé", " La vie a changé" and "Associés". In 2004 she released her seventh album, Obomiyia, with the participation of Quincy Jones, Jacob Desvarieux, produced by Cameroonian Edgar Yonkeu.

In 2008, she released the album is "No comment" with the famous title "Ewawa" with which she toured in Africa. Her two singles "On vous connaît" and " Le Jazze" are in the same album. While in the USA she was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of music in Los Angeles. She also composed music for feature films in Hollywood. Having performed at Paris Olympia in 2001, Patience Dabany is one of the most prolific musical ambassadors of Gabon.

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I would like to attend this concert, since there will be more than one hundred of popular artists, musicians and dancers on stage for a single concert.

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