D-Mob featuring Cathy Dennis - C'Mon And Get My Love

First aired in October 1989. Directed by Marek Budzynski. The orange top Cathy is wearing is the same top she appears in for the cover art of the "C'Mon And Get My Love" 7" and 12" vinyl singles. Cathy is 20 years old in this video.

One of eight videos from Move To This "The Videos" laserdisc. Here is a link that will play the complete collection in the original order. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pT0mBQ...

Because of the low frame rate of the original disk it is hard to upload a good looking version of this video for viewing in low quality mode. The high quality viewing option has been turned on for this video. If you don't mind the time for the download, check it out. The difference is noticable. All the words on the movie clapper board are readable now.

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