The Pasadenas - I'm Doing Fine Now

Music video for the song 'I'm Doing Fine Now' by The Pasadenas. The song is a cover of 'I'm Doin' Fine' by New York City. This version was released in 1992, reaching #4 in the UK chart.

The Pasadenas are a Rhythm & Blues / Pop formation from the United Kingdom, best known for their hit song "Tribute (Right On)". They had a brief moment in the spotlight in the late 1980s, as a vocal group firmly focused on the sounds of music and artists from earlier decades.

Their music was heavily influenced by 1950s Doo-wop, 1960s Motown, and early 1970s Funk and R&B. However, they presented these influences when mainstream pop music had become too shallow and over-produced; instead of sounding dated, the group was actually a refreshing change of pace. The band was not given much attention in America, but they were briefly stars in their native country.

The group scored a big hit in 1988 with its initial release, "Tribute (Right On)", a decent if rather generic uptempo cut that paid homage to soul luminaries such as Smokey Robinson and Marvin Gaye. The companion album, To Whom It May Concern was a positive, if uneven, effort that was a refreshing variation from the electronic funk that dominated R&B radio at the time. In addition to "Tribute", the disc included the minor hit "Riding on a Train", and a fair version of The Chi-Lites' "Living In the Footsteps of Another Man".

The group followed with Elevate in 1991 and Yours Sincerely in 1992, but never again charted in the U.S., although they landed a UK hit with a remake of New York City's "I'm Doin' Fine". The Pasadenas ceased recording after Yours Sincerely, but continued to perform around the UK into the 21st century.

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