Ackim Simukonda - Lady Sunshine (1986) Full Album Zambia

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Whoo! Long time no see Youtube!
This week, I bring you Ackim Simukonda's first album : Lady Sunshine.
Being recorded in England and released both there and in the homeland Zambia, this LP spurs a pretty unique mix of synth-lead boogie funk typical to the 80's. A nice LP definitely different from the Kalindula music happening at the time in Zambia, but it doesn't means it's not good ; I do in fact enjoy it a lot. Sit back and take a listen!

Tracklist :
A1 Bad Boys - 00:00
A2 Lady Sunshine 02:58
A3 Lasting Dream 07:27
A4 One More Time 11:56
B1 Zani Muone 15:46
B2 I'm Busy 19:38
B3 Only You 23:55
B4 Breaking Away 27:21

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