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This is one of the songs on the “Ukani Manje” album for HIV/AIDS Awareness in Zambia! “Moyo” means life and the entire song celebrates Traditions and diversity of Zambian culture while informing people that there are harmful cultural practices that catalyze the spread of HIV and those need to be addressed, adjusted or completely done away with. It’s a wake up call to all Zambians, HIV/AIDS is real and we must always be on high alert to win the fight!

Song writer - Wezi
Music producer - Mixtizo
Music Video director - Tommy Banda
Make up Artist - Souce by Tasha
Costume designer - Trevor Yubya Designs
Location & logistics - Ukani Manje Zambia (Nonprofit organization for HIV/AIDS awareness)


Mix – WEZI - MOYO (From the Ukani Manje Album) Mixes are playlists Youtube makes for you