Bobby Caldwell "What You Won't do for Love" in his first live concert in 1978


Watch Bobby Caldwell, live on Miami Beach in 1978 performing his breakout hit "What You Won't Do For Love" for the first time ever. This was the first concert I ever filmed and edited for Instant Replay video magazine owned by the late, great Chuck Azar. We went on to create a series of music videos for his first album before MTV was ever invented. Bobby will be greatly missed by his fans. Feel free to use your comments to to leave your condolences.

Many people have called this the best music video on Youtube despite the primitive technical quality. Others have said they wish they had a time machine to go back to this perfect moment in time when music was played live by real musicians and not by computers.

You can see another one of Bobby's songs performed that same day at the following link:

• RIP Bobby Caldwel...

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