Anne G - On A Mission (Album)


1 If She Knew 5:02
2 Mission 4:42
3 Heart Donor 5:07
4 Love's Here 4:57
5 Do You Love Too Much? 4:35
6 Give Me All Your Lovin' 4:13
7 Rain 5:45
8 Love At Dawn 4:36
9 Your Eyes Say It 3:45
10 Good Girls Wear Black 3:55

CD Bonus Track
11 Time's Up 3:55

Anne G (Angela Webb Irons) is an singer/songwriter, grew up in Clarkson, Georgia and lives in Atlanta. She released two albums: On A Mission in 1989, and From the Heart in 1991. The singles she had were: 'If She Knew', 'Heart Donor', and 'Get A Life' in 1991. Both albums were produced by Eddie Irons, who was a member of the 1970s R&B/Funk band Brick. During the 1990s, she had been working behind the music scene with producers such as Jermaine Dupri and Troy Taylor of the R&B production team The Characters. She is now working as a producer and songwriter for GBM Publishing, an independent music publishing company in Atlanta, Georgia.


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