CHISENGA - Mother Earth (Official Music Video) Produced by Aquemini

Mother Earth is the new anthem for tree huggers... as they jokingly call this form of messaging about our world through music or other formats.
80 EM on the drums ladies and gentlemen

Whoop!! Whoop

Dear Mother Earth

I've been thinking about you
I know this conversation's long overdue
I've been meaning to ask like, what's with the
Storms on the news?

Pretty sure I speak for many, when I say
That we're confused! Sometimes, It's cold
Sometimes it even rains in the summer.
The blocks flooded! Different families doing the runner!
One mother's focus is to save her only boy, raise
A sun up! In the water, you see her tears of joy
When his head come up.
Greta Thunberg tried to tell us
She even fought with Trump
It's like the warning right before
The people missed Noah's Ark
Electric cars on the streets is just
A piece of what you want
Reserves running empty
You would think we eat 'em for lunch
We'll give you what you need,
Give the people what they want
Destroying the habitat we livin' in, we shant!
Somebody burning down the forest, that's not
The model you want

You've been making the weather
A lot of weird, a lot of these months
I understand, It's a lot going on
I'm not even trying to blame you
Nah, I'm not trying to blame you
I mean, you know the world is a big screw up
When the Turtles move house and
End up living in the sewer
Waterways contaminated, couldn't contain it
I guess we're just destructive men! The truth ain't it

Solar Power, pretty sunshine, give me some energy
And even though we're different, we connect, same entity
I don't want no fear for what the weatherman says
We should co-exist and get along! Good friends

Gotta be honest with the kids
About the real birds and the bees
Like why? All of a sudden, the weather's never at ease
And Groot cannot be the only one rooting for the trees
It's like, we're waiting for a savior but
We're the one's holding the keys!
Mother Earth

Mother Earth, Mother Earth
Dear Mother Earth
Mother Earth, Mother Earth
Dear Mother Earth
Mother Earth, Mother Earth

© 2022 Chisenga Gander Katongo. All Rights Reserved


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Thank you for the support. Like you, I'm supporting that Earth Day vibe too

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