Chris Walker - Take Time

Urban contemporary vocalist Chris Walker spent his childhood in Houston, playing gospel music. He moved to New York City, where he became Ornette Coleman's bass player for two and a half years. Walker then toured with Regina Belle, where he soon became musical director. When Belle noticed his fine voice, she gradually worked his vocals into her act; Chris Walker credits her for teaching him to find his voice. First Time, his solo debut, yielded two Top Five R&B hits, "Giving You All My Love" and "Take Time" (which cracked the Top 30 in pop). Sincerely Yours (1993) was the follow-up; both albums are on Pendulum/ERG. As a solo artist, Walker remained absent from the public music scene for a decade but he was hard at work and taking a new direction. While working on demos for another artist, Walker met businessman and songwriter Ray J. Davis. Davis and Walker immediately hit it off and soon had forty new songs they had co-written together. Twelve of the tracks appeared on 2005's I Know It's Love. A third of the proceeds from the album went to the American Diabetes Association in honor of Miss Mary Glenn, the woman who raised Walker.

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